1. Can a lady wear Rudraksha?

There are no taboos about women wearing rudraksha. All on earth can wear rudraksha. wearing or worship rudraksha is a sign of blessings by Lord Shiva during preceding births.

There is no Shiva without shakti, by the sameend there is no shakti without Shiva.

Different rudraksha represent different god & goddess some beads represent Shiva, Parvati, Ganpati, Laxmi, kali, Vishnu, Hanuman etc.

Lord Shiva himself do not discriminate b/w a men or women, caste, race, religion. God is present for everyone so is rudraksha.

2. How to choose good rudraksha?

There are different shapes and size of rudraksha. Don not get worry about it. Just need to see the mukhis/faces must be well defined, these must be end to and are nicely contoured. It has to be healthy & lustrous.

3. How to choose rudraksha for yourself?

This is advisable to wear a rudraksha after knowing your needs. There is number of rudraksha beads available having completely different quality in them. These can be wear in different and appropriate combinations as also suggested by us to get maximum potential.

4. Do birth details play any role in wearing a rudraksha?

There are some practitioners who don't feel need of knowing birth details, but as per some other practitioners and us time and date of birth can play a vital role in choosing a rudraksha or combinations of rudraksha.

Birth date & time is all about numbers and rudraksha two is available in different mukhis / faces. Birth date and time can clear it most that which rudraksha individual will be needing.

5. Does wearing rudraksha work?

Yes, very much. Wearing rudraksha can be make wonders for you. they help in regulating blood pressure, treating skin problems, migraine, headache, backaches, joint pain and gives success in education, concentration, business, finance and relationship.

6. Does rudraksha bring luck?

Shiva Purana specially describes that laxmi stays where rudraksha is. The aura of rudraksha wearer gets large and he attracts positive opportunities and good luck.

7. Can a non-vegetarian or an alcoholic person wear rudraksha?

This is nowhere mentioned in our ancient texts that a non-vegetarian person or an alcoholic can't wear rudraksha. Make rudraksha a part of your body. By regularly wearing it you will gradually feel that you are moving away from non-vegetarianand alcohol.

8. If rudraksha has few thorns broken. Will it work?

Falling torn from rudraksha bead is like falling hairs from your skin. This does not make the bead lose its efficiency, as main power of the bead is in the seeds, which are within cover. Only a bead infected by worms must not get utilized.

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