Rudraksha is a gift from nature to mankind. It is considered as most potent manifestation of universe. Rudraksha is very powerful and can be used as source to achieve higher self. Rudraksha can work as link between earth and heaven, your physical and eternal body, can balance your thoughts and actions.

These beads are the seeds of rudraksha fruit obtained from rudraksha tree. Botanical name of rudraksha is EIAEOCARPUS GANITRUS. These are mostly found in Nepal, Indonesia and some parts of northern India.

Rudraksha can be of many types ranging mainly from face to 21 faces. Faces are clefts on surface of rudraksha bead. There are multiple benefits of wearing these rudraksha can be worn in different unique combination according to your needs.


" Enlightens the super consciousness, connects a soul to its goal. "

One face/eka mukhi rudraksha is most auspicious gift from nature to existence. This rudraksha is rarest among all the rudraksha and is said to be king amongst all faces rudraksha. This bead is ruled by rudra/lord shiva/lord shiva or ultimate consciousness. One face rudraksha bead generaly originate from indenesia and are powerful. The one's from Nepal are very rare and cannot be found easily.

This eka mukhi rudraksha signifies the link between earth and heaven, man and god, subsconciousness. Lord shiva being part of trinity of brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, gives ultimate independency from circle of death and birth. The wearer of eka mukhi rudraksha enjoys both spiritual and wordly pleasures.


" It gives emotional stability, balance, harmony and unity. "

Two faced/2 mukhi rudraksha is very powerful one. It is the symbol of united from of Shiva and shakti, yin and yang, positives and negatives or a representator of ardhnareeshwar.

This bead also symbolizes 'shivlingam' as shivlingam also represent two energies together i.e. Shiva and Parvati together.

This rudraksha represent two face/ two sides of any particular activity 2 mukhi rudraksha promises inner happiness, wealth and bliss.

The power of this bead signify 'unity in diversity'. The power of two diff. individuals staying together. It can be worn for love and harmony in relationship. This rudraksha ensues balance for emotional, spiritual and material growth.

As 2 mukhi rudraksha is ruled by planet moon, this ensures strong emotional balance and relativity.


" Very helpful in burning all negativity and stress. "

Three faced / 3 mukhi rudraksha represents agnidev or god fire. This is an auspicious bead which releases bondages of his past karmas. As name describes, fire, and when fire burn it destroy negativity of surroundings. Similarly, wearer of 3 mukhi rudraksha head towards path of success as it rllities any negativity collected because of any past karma. It helps in stress control and gives the wearer sharp thinking.

There are so many benefits of wearing 3 mukhi rudraksha. It helps in enhancing one's self esteem and releasing stress. It is very effective and suitable for becrning negative effects of past birth/ past karma.


" It enhances communication skills and intellect. "

Four faced / 4 mukhi rudraksha is very very beneficial and auspicious to wear. This rudraksha represents the energies of 'Brihaspati 'the guru of devas. Brihaspati himself is known for knowledge and wisdom, similarly wearer of this rudraksha attains the same. The guru energy inherited in this rudraksha helps wearer to attain all king of knowledge and consciousness. And dispels the darkness of ignorance.

This rudraksha helps in obtaining spiritual Faith, grow sense of uniqueners, creativity, intelligence, logic and meditative state. This rudraksha is highly beneficial for writers, scholars, students or creative persons.


" Very useful for good health and optimism. "

Five mukhi rudraksha is most common and most worn by mankindfor thousands of years for good health and japa purpose. Five mukhi rudraksha represents five elements / talva i.e. air, fire water, earth and space. This rudraksha ensures balance between all of them and by wearing this rudraksha all elements of your body too get balanced. It has power to kill any kind of disease.

Jupiter rules this rudraksha. Jupiter being planet of growth & optimism, hence wearer of this rudraksha attains the same. Singers and public speakers especially can achieve great voice and confidence after wearing this.


" Gives quick decision-making ability and nullifies mangal dosh. "

This rudraksha that is six mukhi rudraksha is ruled by lord kartikeya, who is six headed son of lord shiva. Lord kartikeya is a warrior, he is spontaneous in actions, fearless, quick in actions and very youthful. Wearer of six mukhi rudraksha recieves these qualities too.

Goddess laxmi also blers this rudraksha. One who wear this rudraksha always get financial wealth and success in all his assignments.

This can be worn by people who have any kind mangal dosha in their horoscope.


" Bestow all blessings, gives fame happiness, love and wealth. "

Seven mukhi rudraksha is associated with shukra, which is responsible to bestow all his blessings in from of material wealth and wordly pleasures. This rudraksha is symbol of wealth and purity, venus also is associated with money and love. Wearer of seven mukhi rudraksha bestow a person with love and wealth. It gives fame, happiness, prosperity and abundance. It is especially very effective for businessmen and professionals.

It removes all kinds of suffering, miseries and unhappiness and gives wearer protection, victory, feel of security and self-potential.


" It confirms intellect and virtue of contentment. "

Eight mukhi rudraksha is symbol of lord ganesha is also named as 'vighnanharta'. Means remover of obstacles in path, similarly, when a person wear eight mukhi rudraksha, all his obetacles from path of success got removed. It attracts stability and support in one's path.

Eight mukhi rudraksha gives will power, stability, and ability to face any challenges in life.

As this rudraksha is owned by lord ganesha, it confirms intellect and virtue of contentment in wearer's life.


" It destroys all worries and sins, bestow with bravery and courage. "

This nine mukhi rudraksha is ruled by goddess durga. This rudraksha is very powerful one wearer of this rudraksha gets materialistic as well spiritual awakening.

As, this rudraksha is associated with durga, hence it destroy sins and worries of an individual. This also protects one from evil ghosts and souls and bestow with bravery, courage, name fame and endurance, making him positive, fearless and dynamic.


" Gives you internal peace and protection from malefic. "


" Gives you internal peace and protection from malefic. "

Eleven mukhi rudraksha/Ekadashi rudraksha is ruled by 11 Rudra. This rudraksha blesses the wearer with high level of awareness, wisdom, divine consciousness and right judgement. It pacific effects of all planets.

This powerful rudraksha is very helpfull in achieving higher levels in meditation or any spiritual sadhna. Mainly eleven mukhi rudraksha works wonderfully on your higher sense. The people who are preparing for any completive exams, reasnings, debate, researches, bold and logical steps, wisdom, right judgement can wear this undoubtedly.


" It teaches you about present of life, gives you light and direction. "

Twelve mukhi rudraksha represents lord sun (surya deva). The sun is life giver, it's your soul, your present/ lonscious brain sun is light. Which tells & teaches about present of life. Sun is now and its concentration. This bead makes the wearer's personality shine bright like sun.

As its name describes, sun is luster, shine, brightness, youthfulness, radiant etc. same it bestows a person with same qualities. Where there is sun, there is life, therefore wearer of twelve mukhi rudraksha gives a person the power of right and power to take actions one tie. It can be worn by politicians, businessmen, leaders one who want govt. jo, managers to achieve great name and fame.


" Very powerful in achieving majestic physical appearance and material desires. "

Thirteen mukhi rudraksha symbolizes lord kamadev. Lord kamadev is worshipped to gain attraction, power of fulfilment, physical appearances and charisma in life. Venus and moon are two planets associated with this rudraksha. It is most powerful rudraksha. can help in removing illusions for getting and achieving desires.

This bead is very powerful and can give hypnotic powers to the wearer too.


" This rudraksha is very powerful as associated with lord hanuman and is called as 'DEVA MANI'. It gives immense knowledge and courage. It gives victory. "

Fourteen mukhi rudraksha is symbolised by lord hanumana. This bead is considered as the most precious gem and called as DEVA MANI. The one, who wear this rudraksha achieve the qualities of hanumana himself. He gets immense wurage, intelligence, intellect, strength, success, fearlessness and victory.

This bead can be worn by people having mangal dosh or going through soda sati period.

This rudraksha given wearer a steady approach and balanced mind for solving any kind of problem in life. This rudraksha also can be worn by businessman, policians, job seekers, for great success.


" This rudraksha is most auspicious among all as Lord Shiva himself rules this planet. This rudraksha gives a person ability to love and forgive. "

Fifteen mukhi rudraksha is considered as one of the most auspicious rudraksha among all the rudraksha, this is the pure gif from nature to makind. This rudraksha symbolizes shiva which helps to remove any kind of bondages like fear, grief, expectations, hurt, lonliners in one's life.

This bead is most powerful one for spiritual attainments. It gives a person ability to love and forgive.


" It protects wearer from negative energies, evil eyes, diseases and night mares. "

Sixteen mukhi rudraksha is ruled by lord mahamrityunjaya shiva. The lord associated with this rudraksha is planet moon. Moon is your emotional, your deeper self, basic habits and reactions and soul. Benefic moon gives fears, insecurities and make one moody.

Wearer of this bead get full potential, awakens him. It protects him from evil eyes, and negative energies. It protects wearer from diseases, nightmares, fear of loss and advance circumstances.

It also pacifies negative & afflicted moon.


" This rudraksha brings good luck, good life partner, prosperity and wealth helps in removing malefic of Saturn during 'sade sati' "

This rudraksha is ruled by goddess durga. Wearing this rudraksha, person gets desired wealth. Bring good luck, prosperity and good life partner. Seventeen mukhi rudraksha is associated with planet Saturn. It nullifies negative effects of Saturn. It gives wearer a futuristic insight.

This rudraksha gives wearer connection with female energy. It also helps in removing affliction of Sade sati as satrn is associated with this rudraksha. This release anger and helps one calm down. Seventeen mukhi rudraksha bestow power of success and achievements in life.

People who want to achieve great heights in meditation & intuitive world can definitely wear this.


" It gives abundance and fulfilment of desires. This represents qualities of earth, hence, wearer of this rudraksha can receive any kind of negativity or positivity still be the same. "

Eighteen mukhi rudraksha is associated with goddess earth. As it is associated with earth, wearer of this rudraksha recieves ultimate fulfilment of desires by means of cultivation & productions. It gives abundance and strength to face any kind of challenges.

As, this rudraksha represents qualities of earth/bhumi it gives wearer courage to receive any kind of negativity or positivity yet to stay same.

It helps removing dullness & laziness. It gives immense energy of tolerance and patience. It gives wearer stable, organized and systematic behavior of thinking.


" Wearer of this rudraksha receives blessings of Lord Vishnu as well as Goddess Laxmi, who bless wearer with good health, prosperity, beauty and good luck. "

Nineteen mukhi rudraksha is associated with lord Vishnu. Vishnu is said to be lord who balances everything between birth & death. Nineteen mukhi rudraksha gives immense wealth, success and abundance in business, also bestow blessings for good health.

The wearer of this rudraksha get blessings from Vishnu as well as maa laxmi. Who bless wearer with many virtues prosperity, wealth, beauty and good luck. Wearer of this rudraksha gets desired perfect life partner.

Nineteen mukhi rudraksha can cure high blood pressure or any ailment related to heart. It also cures asthma, any kind of infections or allergies.


" Lord brahma bless wearer of this rudraksha with creation and intellect. "

Twenty mukhi rudraksha is associated with lord brahma lord brahma, who is creator himself energize this bead. This is one of the rarest bead. Wearing this rudraksha, brahma der himself bestow blessing with power of creation and intellect. The wearer gets divine intuition and knowledge in field like science, research, creation, arts or music.

This rudraksha helps businessmen, servicemen, house makers, service department etc. this bead has power to cure major issues like paralysis and autism. Arthritis and joint pains can also get cured after wearing this.


" This rudraksha is associated with lord kuber, who is lord of all riches. Wearer of this rudraksha receivers all prosperity and fulfilment. "

Twenty-one mukhi rudraksha is associated with lord kuber. Lord kuber is lord of all riches, he is trustee of all wealth and food grains.

Wearer of twenty-one mukhi rudraksha will become able to get whatever he/she wants in life. They receive immense prosperity and fulfilment in pleasures. There will be no looking back after wearing this.

This bead has all the qualities to make one healthy and free from any disease. It can also relieve anxiety.


" Wearer of this rudraksha receives blessings of Lord Ganesha in form of wisdom, prosperity, intellect and also helps in removing obstacles from path. "

Ganesh rudraksha have a trunk like elevation on rudraksha. This elevation looks like trunk of an elephant, which is also symbol of lord Ganesh. Lord ganesha, the god of wealth, intellect, wisdom, learning, prosperity and also helps in removing obstacles from any work/task.

Lord ganesha is also known as 'vighna harta' hence the wearer of this bead receives all the blessing from lord ganesh and blesses with all virtues. Rudra (shiva) is father of lord ganesha, so wearer of ganesh rudraksha always get blessings from shim as well.

There are immense number of benefits of this rudraksha. It improves your professional life, removes negativity, gives ultimate protection from evil eyes, gives you good digestion and sound health. It bestows wearer with ridhi and sidhi.


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