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I am a commerce graduate from Delhi University and my spiritual journey began in my teen. For me, it was not something which I always liked but after being into this science, I was wondered to see how exact it was.

As so many other people, me too was not at all believers and follower of any branch of Astrological Science, because I think you can not believe anything until you know it. But to know this science, I jumped into deep ocean of knowing planetary movements in last years of my teen age. I learned Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Healings, Vastu and what not? Just one often another. Over 6+ years into this I came across many individuals, Industrialist or Business Persons for all common issue of life r

I focus to advice what truly lies in them and want that every person who come to me with faith can find himself evermore.


As we always hear, one has come with an motive on this earth. My only motive is to guide people about what true Astrology is? Want to educate them as much as I can and hope they get rid of all he myths and misunderstandings of this science.


Each generation have something to give to universe, past generation give knowledge and new generation keep it one step forward.

As a young person, My only vision is to take these occult sciences one step further by "digging out each and every bit of science from every myth and misunderstanding people are facing and help mankind."

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